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Māori Strategy Document


Māori Strategy Document | RNZCGP

Homegrown Creative

Māori design, Document design, Typography

During my time at Homegrown Creative I was fortunate enough to be a part of this project with The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. The brief allowed us to play with the idea of 'belonging', making direct references to our country and our people through imagery and graphic elements. 

RNZCGP supplied us with beautiful photography of Aotearoa ranging from coastal shots to snowy mountain peaks. I was able to weave these through the document, tying them together with graphic elements derived from tukutuku panel design. The document tells a story - taking you from coast to mountain top, representitive of strong connections to the land and tangata whenua. 

The graphic elements themselves are based on the pātiki or flounder and are an extension of the RNZCGP logo. The pātikitiki significance relates to being able to provide 100% - not only for the husband, or the whānau, but for the whole iwi; a metaphor in this instance for the role of general practitioners in our communities.