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A bit about me





I was accepted into Massey College of Creative Arts in 2009 and moved from my hometown, Tauranga to start the student journey in Wellington in 2010. My honours year saw the birth of my passion project, Project Manu (that I am currently developing) and after 5 years (including a year to take a Toi Atea, Māori art and design paper), I finished in 2014 and graduated in May, 2015

Work stuff

While I was still at uni I started to dabble in some freelance work and quickly learnt about client communications and design process, (nothing like jumping in the deep end). 

After graduating I loved Wellington so much I stayed for another 2.5 years to work for the coolest little studio in Northland, (the neighbourhood, not the Northern part of our country), Homegrown Creative. It is here I was a part of a really cool team and, due to their small studio size, I was lucky enough to be a part of the whole process on many briefs. I worked on a whole bunch of projects such as government work, designing for digital and web, brand identities, document design, packaging and large campaigns to name a few. 

During my time at Homegrown I learnt about the importance of culture, client relationships, and the can do attitude that will stay with me for life. 

Parallel to this a friend and I worked on some freelance projects together. Careful not to step on any toes, we worked together on some interesting projects such as the not-for-profit organisation, Good Bitches Baking (you may have heard of them, they're kind of famous), and helped bring Creative Mornings to Wellington. These two projects showed me how much aroha and passion Kiwi's, specifically Wellingtonians, have for their fellow creative mates. These moments are what drives me as a designer, helping people and making humans happy through design

More recently

In September 2017 I left Wellington and headed for Berlin. I always had a desire to live abroad and the timing was right. When I arrived I decided that I wanted to try the freelance life, full-time. Freelancing abroad has taught me so much about myself, my process, my strategy and my overall perspective on the design industry, not just in New Zealand. However I really miss working with a team, tackling challenges with more than just one mind and soaking in how others engage in the creative process. 

Fast forward three months and moving to the German capital has made me realise what it is I truly want to do. I still have a lot to learn from the design industry, love being a part of a team and believe my unique knowledge in Māori design and illustration not only sets me apart from the crowd but lends my skillset to be a part of the Wellington design landscape in particular.

Upon my return to New Zealand I am keen to get stuck into some enriching projects alongside some cool people. I have a desire to learn more about digital design and how I can apply my strengths to this. I am refreshed and rearing to go!