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Rachel Stichbury - Custom Jewellery


Rachel Stichbury – Custom Jewellery

Homegrown Creative, imagery is Rachel's own.

Brand identity & packaging design

This fun brief enabled me to flex my packaging design muscles under the creative direction of Jamie at Homegrown. We needed to create a versatile, low maintenance and cost effective packaging solution for Rachael's various styles of hand made jewellery products. 

While I assisted in the concept development process of the physical packaging solution, my main focus lay in the graphic elements that would be printed onto packaging itself.

Rachel's jewellery is available in both silver and gold and in many different styles that include necklaces, bangles, drop earrings and studs. Ensuring the box and internal removable elements are able to be adapted to the jewellery style was a key factor in deciding how the box functioned and how the colours and patterns could help display the jewellery pieces.

The final design gives Rachel the flexibility to make subtle changes that affect how the customer interacts with the product.