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The Piano


The Piano | RNZB

Commission for Homegrown Creative

Māori design & illustration

Homegrown Creative asked me to design a piece that would work cohesively with their marketing material for 'The Piano: the ballet' by the Royal New Zealand Ballet. 

This concept is inspired by traditional forms of kōwhaiwhai pattern while drawing parallels with the classic New Zealand film itself.

The piece speaks largely about the idea of journey. It encompasses the physical journey from Scotland to New Zealand that the characters endure, as well as the chaotic journey through emotions. There are references to hostility and separation, romance and connection, growth, strength, the masculine and the feminine.

Keeping in mind the ability for extended use in other collateral - the design was initially created to act as a fringe element around the title and imagery of the advertisement design itself created by the Homegrown team.