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The Circus Hub


The Circus Hub

A collaboration with Lou Studio. 

Brand design, web design (on existing Wix platform), social media collateral

The balancing act of art and form perfectly describes what The Circus Hub actively teaches, lives by and will be seen as in the future.

The interpretation of form in this instance, takes on the meaning of a structure or framework. While circus performances have an element of creativity, there is a set of guidelines that need to be followed before creativity can be fully explored - this is done through specific actions, methods and tailored training. Once frameworks have been set in place; style, craft and imagination through various mediums can be explored. This is also where movement and flow come out to play. 

The key role that the Circus Hub plays here is to find the balance between these two opposing ideas. It is within The Circus Hub where harmony is found and art is complimentary to form, the two are interconnected and interdependent. 

We worked with this Wellington organisation to create a unique brand that encompasses their culture and environment combining structured grid and type with gestural ink graphics and photography.